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        南通東方船用設備制造有限公司地處黃金水道,長江入???沿海開放城市--江蘇省啟東市,與國際大都市上海隔江相望,通訊,交通,生活極為便利。南通東方船用設備制造有限公司,占地面積15000平方米,花園式工作環境,擁有現代化廠房和綜合辦公大樓。公司成立十多年來,全體員工本著誠信、活力、創新的宗旨、不斷開拓取,將公司發展為擁有完整的現代管理體制及技術隊伍,是船舶設備制造行業的骨干企業。公司生產的船用設備曾配套于出口到德國,美國等地的具有高技術性能的船舶,例如集裝箱船、多用途船及大型油船上,產品銷售于上海、大連、渤海、廣州、武漢等中國的各大造船廠,公司采用現代設計方式,進行產品獨立設計及與船舶設計院、研究所緊密協作進行產品設計與開發。公司主要生產的船用設備:主機缸套水預熱單元,熱井模塊,遙控氣動快關閥控制置,壓縮空氣減壓閥單元,海水濾器,油濾器,空氣濾器,消音器,泥箱等船用產品。上述產品經中國船級社(CCS),德國勞埃德船級社(GL),法國船級社(BV),挪威船級社(DNV)等船級社的檢驗認可,公司已通過IS09001 國際質量體系認證。公司經營宗旨:“質量優良,價格公道,交貨及時,服務真誠”。歡迎廣大客戶以各種形式的長期合作。 Nantong Oriental Marine Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the golden waterway, the Yangtze River estuary, the coastal open city - Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, and the international metropolis Shanghai across the river, communication, transportation, life is very convenient. Nantong Oriental Marine Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. covers an area of ??15,000 square meters and has a garden-like working environment with modern factory

      buildings and comprehensive office buildings. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the company has been developing and developing into a complete modern management system and technical team based on the tenet of integrity, vitality and innovation. It is the backbone enterprise of the ship equipment manufacturing industry. The company's marine equipment has been exported to ships with high technical performance in Germany, the United States and other places, such as container ships, multi-purpose ships and large oil tankers. The products are sold in major shipyards in China such as Shanghai, Dalian, Bohai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. The company adopts a modern design approach to product independent design and close collaboration with ship design institutes and research institutes for product design and development. The company mainly produces marine equipment: main cylinder liner water preheating unit, hot well module, remote pneumatic quick closing valve control, compressed air pressure reducing valve unit, sea water filter, oil filter, air filter, silencer, mud box, etc. product. The above products have been inspected and approved by China Classification Society (CCS), German Lloyd's Register (GL), French Bureau of Shipping (BV), and the Norwegian Classification Society (DNV). The company has passed IS09001 international quality system certification. The company's business objectives: "excellent quality, fair prices, prompt delivery, and sincere service." Welcome customers to cooperate in various forms for a long time.

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